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There are so many things I'd like to write about, these are all the words that come to mind:

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felt wool pelage whiskers lint merino mohair felt fluff nape tuft claws mohair protective covering yarn fluff hide jacket brush fluff yarn whiskers nape fleece claw bristle merino jacket shell fuzz mohair felt ruff pelt felt wool pelt jacket merino coat shell bristle fluff tuft claws fluff brush tuft ruff whiskers down fleece pelage jacket lint fleece nape floss hide down fleece hide pelage lint felt felt brush fleece mohair yarn whiskers whiskers floss mohair ruff hair fur fleece down claws ruff mane pelt whiskers nape down nape merino pelt claws fluff felt pelt hair tuft nape bristle fluff felt hair mohair fur wool tuft claws whiskers yarn wool mohair mane tuft shell claws protective covering fleece fluff whiskers jacket claw whiskers hide wool claw merino fuzz hair brush whiskers pelt jacket claw fuzz yarn shell claws ruff merino lint fleece hide jacket mohair claws hide hair ruff pelage lint lint ruff protective covering fur shell fleece lint jacket floss wool ruff claw fleece shell fluff pelage down mohair brush hair hide protective covering mane down down claw merino hide fur wool hair fluff fleece hair

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